Farmers Insurance

When the research showed that 80 percent of Farmers Insurance's previous campaign's ads were actually attributed to their largest competitor (State Farm), they knew it was time for a change (and not a name change). So we took what was the insurance giant's largest asset, and made it their trademarked distinction: A training program called, The University of Farmers.

This microsite was one of the most important exercises for us in developing Professor Burke's character and voice after winning the business. The concept was to bring the size and scope of the University of Farmers to life on the web and challenge people's insurance savvy through a series of off-kilter pop quiz scenarios. This gave Burke the opportunity to respond one way if you got it right, and another way if you got it wrong, leaving us with a good amount of content and character insight to figure out. It was a huge undertaking that helped chart a course for the campaign that's still on the air nearly ten years later.  



Agency: RPA

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli

Creative Director: Tom Hamling, Laura Hauseman

Creatives: Ben Tolbert, Chris Juhas