Farmers Insurance + NASCAR Sponsorship TV

At some point, someone at Farmers decided to ink a deal with Hendrick Motorsports, sign Kasey Kane and become the title sponsor of the 5 car. That's 90,000 pairs of eyeballs per race, not including at-home viewers. The connection seems obvious enough: 800-horsepower cars go fast and often crash--that's why you get insurance. But NASCAR didn't want us to talk about crashes, so we got creative and told a story based around the product truth of Farmers' custom-tailored protection.




Online - The Farmers 5 "Start Your Engines" Sweepstakes


After signing Kasey, Farmers wanted to get in the Facebook game to tout their hot new deal, so they launched the new Farmers Racing Facebook page. Only problem was that it didn't have any traffic because, well, nobody knew it existed. We changed that. Instead of using a standard Facebook "Like-gate", we got NASCAR fans involved by combining the two things they love most: Never-before-seen Kasey Kahne footage and free stuff. The sweepstakes turned out to be huge for Farmers Racing, increasing fans and likes of the page by some unbelievable percentage—or so I'm told by people who count things.


Agency: RPA

Chief Creative Officer: Joe Baratelli

Creative Directors: Tom Hamling, Laura Hauseman

Creatives: Ben Tolbert, Chris Juhas, Seth Prandini, Norio Ichikawa