Gatorade + Sports Illustrated // JJ Watt

How do you win the Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year award after missing 25 games to injury in 2 back-to-back seasons?

You show the world that being a big man goes beyond the lines of a field.

From his resilience after injury to his indomitable strength during Houston’s devastating hurricane, JJ Watt has inspired millions and given them hope even as he pushes through his own battles to make a return to the game.

This insight became the catalyst for a personal and heartfelt message from Gatorade, thanking JJ for the example he sets and congratulating him on his incredible achievement.


Gatorade  // No Shortcuts

There's no roadmap to success... but this might come close. We wanted to show kids what it takes to reach their pro-level dreams, so we adapted the ubiquitous Google Maps GPS directions format and turned it into a guide to greatness.